Shipping & Delivery Options:

Nationwide, FedEx 2 Day Delivery:

You will be sent a tracking number the day your package ships, (we ship Monday through Wednesday. There is an extra FedEx charge If you want your order to be delivered on a Saturday or overnight). You will receive your package in two business days, via FedEx Priority 2 Day delivery. Please be available to receive your package when your FedEx carrier arrives for a signature. Please note that we will not be responsible for any packages once the have left Malta Joe’s Baked goods for shipping.

A signature will be required for all delivery orders.

Custom Orders:

For multiple orders, or orders over ten dozen, please call Malta Joe at 520-812-6563 to place your custom order.

Seasonal Handling Charges:
To ensure quality, a handling charge of $15 will apply to all shipping orders, to cover the costs associated with dry ice,  as well as the cost of our premium styrofoam shipping box. All orders will be shipped FedEx 2 Day delivery.

Free Local Delivery:
Customers who live in the Tucson, Arizona area can enjoy our savory, Maltese Pastizzi delivered directly to their door complimentary, with an order of two dozen or more. Just choose “Local Tucson Delivery” as your delivery option. Please call ahead if you would like your Pastizzi baked “fresh to go.” (additional fee will apply).

For Pick Up Orders:
For local, Tucson, and Phoenix, Arizona pick up orders, please place your order through our website and Malta Joe will contact you to make an appointment to arrange a time and date for you to pick up your order from our distributor locations. Just choose “Pick Up” as your delivery option for Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona customers.

Order Confirmation:
Once you complete your order and do not receive a confirmation email, from Malta Joe, something went wrong and your order did not go through. Please try ordering again, or call Malta Joe directly at 520-812-6563.

Our Local Delivery & Purchase Terms & Conditions
(Tucson, Arizona only):

  • Local delivery is free for orders of two dozen pastizzi or more. For orders under two dozen pastizzi, a $5.00 delivery charge will apply.
  • Retail delivery orders must be submitted by the Thursday before the Saturday delivery date.
  • Wholesale delivery orders must be submitted one week before the Saturday delivery date.
  • Someone must be present to accept your order at the time of delivery.
  • Orders will not be left at your door. If a second attempt to deliver is necessary a $5.00 re-delivery fee will be charged.
  • All orders must be prepaid via PayPal or credit card.
  • Please use the “notes section” of your order, for special delivery instructions.

Let us know if you would like your Pastizzi baked fresh to go! 
(An additional fee will apply.)