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Malta Joe

Malta Joe, Owner, Malta Joe’s Baked Goods

(Photo courtesy of Shelby Thompson)

Pastizzi are golden brown, savory pastries that are a very popular light meal on the Island of Malta — just south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea — that have a rich, history running all the way back to medieval times. Malta Joe’s Pastizzi are made with a handmade, from scratch, filo dough crust-baked, with a delicious, savory filling.
Pastizzi can be eaten at any time of the day as a meal or a quick snack with hot or cold beverages. Other pastizzi varieties, made with beef and spinach fillings also exist, although these are not commonly sold in Malta. Sometimes pastizzi are referred to as Maltese cheesecakes or ricotta cheesecakes, a slightly misleading term since cheesecakes are generally sweet, not savory like pastizzi.
Every town, in Malta, has their favorite Pastizzaria where people go and order a few Pastizzi, chat with neighbors, have a coffee or a Kinnie (Malta’s favorite soda), and bring home a dozen pastizzi for their waiting families. Malta Joe’s Traditional Maltese Pastizzi originate from a family recipe that has been handed down through the generations, from Malta, and brought here to America for you to enjoy. At Malta Joe’s Baked Goods, we offer you these Artisan Savory Pastries with Ricotta Cheese, Split Pea & Curry, Tal- Pizelli and Bacon, Hatch Chilies & Ricotta Cheese varieties. Malta Joe is always experimenting with different fillings, so check back often to see our latest and delicious additions!
Malta Joe’s pastizzi come frozen, by the dozen. Call ahead if you would like us to bake them for you!

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