About Malta Joe's Baked Goods

About Malta Joe's Baked Goods

Pastizzi are golden brown, savory pastries that are a very popular light meal on the Island of Malta. Every town has their favorite Pastizzaria where people go and order a few Pastizzi, chat with neighbors, have a coffee or a Kinnie (Malta’s favorite soda), then bring home a dozen pastizzi for the family. Our Traditional Maltese Pastizzi originate from a family recipe that has been handed down through the generations, from my family in Malta, brought here to enjoy in America. At Malta Joe’s Baked Goods, we offer you these Artisan Savory Pastries with Ricotta Cheese, Split Pea & Curry and Bacon, Hatch Chili & Cheese varieties.

You can also order a variety sample pack with our Split Pea Curry and Ricotta Cheese varieties. We offer them frozen, by the dozen. For an order of two dozen or more, they can be delivered for free in the Tucson area. You can make an appointment by placing an order, online, and Malta Joe will get back to you to schedule your pick up from our Tucson Shop.

If you would like we can bake your order for you!

Catering is available.


                                  By appointment only